Episode 1: Ioannis Ioannou | The Cast Iron Business Case for Sustainability

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Posted by The Sustainability Agenda on Google Podcasts on May 13th, 2019

Podcast Description

In the first episode of the Sustainability Agenda, Professor Ioannis Ioannou, a noted sustainability scholar at London Business School, unveils the latest research on corporate sustainability.  The long-assumed trade-off between sustainability and profits, is it turns out, as many sustainability leaders suspected, illusory. The latest research shows that high sustainability companies are not only more profitable-but they can outperform as investments. And increasingly, investors are paying attention to a company’s sustainability initiatives. 

In this podcast, Professor Ioannis draws together the latest thinking and research on sustainability: 

•   why sustainability today is at the heart of competitive advantage;
•   the role of stakeholders in sustainability
•   the dangers of a non-strategic approach to sustainability;
•   the deep implications for transparency and governance;
•   the changing role of the board

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