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Q: Which technologically-enhanced agricultural methods are being utilized by society to produce greater volumes of food, while still yielding healthy, nutritious, and sustainable products?

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  • Here’s what you need to know about ​the warming planet, ho​​w it’s affecting us, and what’s at stake. 13 MINUTE READBY JENNIFER ACKERMAN,  REPUBLISHED FROM THE PAGES OF NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE SCIENTISTS CONTINUE TO find new ways to insert genes for specific traits into plant and animal DNA. A field of promise—and a subject of debate—genetic engineering is changing the […]
  • YouTube Video Video Description Watch the next episode about San Francisco becoming a zero waste city:… As urban populations continue to rise, innovators are looking beyond traditional farming as a way to feed everyone while having less impact on our land and water resources. Vertical farming is one solution that’s been implemented around the […]
  • YouTube Video Video Description Join Robin Reese and Kieran Dowling in the Cal Poly Pomona greenhouse as they explain a few hydroponic methods and greenhouse operating procedures. Category Film & Animation The post A 4,000 Sq Ft Hydroponic Greenhouse appeared first on The Zernach Foundation.

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