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Q: What is sustainability?

Sustainability is the measure of time that something or someone can successfully remain healthy. One could theoretically calculate how long that something or someone could be sustainably viable by analyzing three different variables:

  • the current health condition of the subject’s resources,
  • the rate at which it produces additional resources,
  • and the rate at which it expends those resources.
  • ? Architecture, Engineering, and Construction — How is society architecturally engineering the construction practices of our future developments to ensure that they are more sustainable?
  • ? Food & Agriculture — Which technologically-enhanced agricultural methods are being utilized by society to produce greater volumes of food, while still yielding healthy, nutritious, and sustainable products?
  • ? Economics — How sustainable are society’s current economic practices? In what ways could our current economic system be modified to be even more sustainable?
  • ⛲ Marine Environment — In which ways do the health conditions of Earth’s marine environment affect society’s overall level of sustainability?

Posts About Sustainability

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  • Seaboost (Egis Group) and XtreeE have combined their skills in marine biology and large-scale concrete 3D printing to design, manufacture and immerse one of the most innovative artificial reefs ever built. In a global context of degradation of the marine environment, concrete 3D-printing technology offers limitless perspectives for future ecological engineering and restoration projects from […]
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