Neurotechnology is an industry crossroads between neuroscience & technology — or rather, between our creative, intuitive brains and the same speedy computing power of our cell phones, tablets, and computers. Utilizing both hardware to read and machine learning algorithms to interpret billions of electrical stimuli in our brain per second, humanity has never been closer to the cusp of a more profoundly groundbreaking, awareness-enhancing breakthrough in the history of ever.




How will neurotechnology affect the medical industry? What sort of diseases, disorders, and dystrophies does neurotechnology have the potential to cure?



What is augmented reality and how does neurotechnology play a role? How has & how will augmented reality enhance our lives?



Will neurotechnology permit society to communicate with one another using our thoughts via cell towers & satellites? Will neurotechnology replace our cell phones?



How could neurotechnology influence the education industry? Will neurotechnology allow us to share educational curriculums by directly downloading them to our consciousness?


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  • New clues about a huge, rare human brain cell March 3, 2020
    Study finds human von Economo neurons’ closest cellular cousins and captures first electrical recordings from these large spindle-shaped brain cells The von Economo neuron is a large and distinct looking brain cell that has been found in only a few animals, including humans. A few years ago, a woman in her 60s underwent surgery at […]
  • Black Mirror season 3 San Junipero explained: What happened in San Junipero? February 17, 2020
    BLACK MIRROR season 3 episode four, is the most critically-acclaimed episode of Charlie Brooker’s dystopian drama. But what actually happened in San Junipero? By NEELA DEBNATHPUBLISHED: 17:12, Wed, Jan 10, 2018 | UPDATED: 17:22, Wed, Jan 10, 2018 What happened in Black Mirror, San Junipero?  The fourth episode of the Netflix drama was quite a departure from the more bleak stories […]
  • Google publishes largest ever high-resolution map of brain connectivity January 22, 2020
    It’s a fruit fly brain, but it’s still impressive The new ‘connectome’ maps some 25,000 neurons in a fruit fly’s brain, a portion of which are shown here. By James Vincent  on January 22, 2020 11:06 am Scientists from Google and the Janelia Research Campus in Virginia have published the largest high-resolution map of brain connectivity in any animal, […]
  • Facebook’s AI Research Chief Talks AR Glasses, AI, And Machine Learning December 22, 2019
    Facebook AI Research chief AI scientist Yann LeCun believes augmented reality glasses are an ideal challenge for machine learning (ML) practitioners — a “killer app” — because they involve a confluence of unsolved problems. Perfect AR glasses will require the combination of conversational AI, computer vision, and other complex systems capable of operating with a […]
  • Neurotechnological PsychoAnalytical Aids December 10, 2019
    Written By: Cold Springs Harbor Laboratory Human behavior is often explained in terms of unseen entities such as motivation, curiosity, anxiety and confidence. What has been unclear is whether these mental entities are coded by specific neurons in specific areas of the brain. Professor Adam Kepecs at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory has answered some of […]
  • Neuralink Launch Event July 16, 2019
    YouTube Video https://youtu.be/r-vbh3t7WVI Live Broadcasted & Recorded by Neuralink ©️ on July 16th, 2019 The post Neuralink Launch Event appeared first on The Zernach Foundation.
  • The Mind Is the New Frontier with Ubiquitous Neurotechnology | Tim Mullen | TEDxSanDiegoSalon November 2, 2018
    YouTube Video Video Description The mind is the new frontier, and today we stand on the cusp of a paradigm shift in neurotechnology that will change our world. To this end, Tim Mullen and his team at Intheon have built Neuroscale, a ubiquitous neurotech platform with the goal of empowering anyone, anytime or anywhere, to […]
  • Apple Glasses Are Coming – Here’s Why July 27, 2018
    YouTube Video Video Description Smart, Augmented Reality glasses are on the way, and Apple is the perfect company to make them. Start listening to Audible: http://audible.com/polymatter or text polymatter to 500500 – For Prime members: only $4.95/month for 1st three months (Prime offer ends 7/31/2018) Patreon: https://patreon.com/polymatter Twitter: https://twitter.com/polymatters Reddit: https://reddit.com/r/PolyMatter Discord: https://discord.gg/polymatter This includes […]
  • Human brain mapping and brain decoding. | Jack Gallant | TEDxSanFrancisco October 31, 2017
    YouTube Video Video Description How can we find systematic relationships between the self and the world? By mapping the brain says Jack Gallant, and he is sharing beautiful brain imaging tools and visuals to show us. Jack Gallant is Chancellor’s Professor of Psychology at the University of California at Berkeley, and he is affiliated with […]
  • Decoding the Brain: The Unlimited Possibility of BCI | Zag ElSayed | TEDxVermilionStreet October 11, 2017
    YouTube Video Video Description Brain Computer Interface technologies now allow us read brain signals and control external mechanisms- the possibilities are endless! Zaghloul Saad Zaghloul (Zag ElSayed) was born in Odessa, USSR; he is a computer engineering scientist specialized in the Brain Machine Interface and Digital Design. He received his B.S. and M.S. with Distinction […]
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