Now or Never: 2020s, An Original 4-Part Movie Series by The Zernach Foundation©️

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NOTE: Our GoFundMe campaign is temporarily on hold. We’ve been bouncing emails back and forth with the GoFundMe Community Management Team since the beginning of July 2019 in order to enhance the details of our campaign to ensure that all bases are covered. The information on this page is regularly updated.

GoFundMe Campaign Table of Contents (FAQ’s)

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Q1: What type of (4)-part movie series will be produced with the funding from our GoFundMe campaign?

Movie Series Outline & Overview

The Zernach Foundation, a pending 501(C)(3) not-for-profit organization, has a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe to raise $1,000,000 —

50% of which will be expensed by The Zernach Foundation to produce a 4-part movie series, entitled, Now Or Never: 2020s;

and the other 50% will be donated to The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, who will wisely dispense the funds to protect the wellbeing of all Earth’s inhabitants, as a form of “voluntary carbon tax” to off-set the carbon footprint of the production of this movie series.

Each of the (4) movies will be 90-120 minutes of content that will be centered around the following (4) topics and (16) sub-categories:

Part 1: ♻️ Sustainability
Definition of Sustainability

♻️ Sustainability — Sustainability is the measure of time that something or someone can successfully remain healthy. One could theoretically calculate how long that something or someone could be sustainably viable by analysing three different variables: the current health condition of the subject’s resources, the rate at which it produces additional resources, and the rate at which it expends those resources.

Sub-Categories of Sustainability
  • ?️ Architecture, Engineering, and Construction — How is society architecturally engineering the construction practices of our future developments to ensure that they are more sustainable?
  • ? Food & Agriculture — Which technologically-enhanced agricultural methods are being utilized by society to produce greater volumes of food, while still yielding healthy, nutritious, and sustainable products?
  • ? Economics — How sustainable are society’s current economic practices? In what ways could our current economic system be modified to be even more sustainable?
  •  Marine Environment — In which ways do the health conditions of Earth’s marine environment affect society’s overall level of sustainability?
Part 2: ? Teampower
Definition of Teampower

? Teampower — Teampower is a force that is used to produce results that would be otherwise-unattainable without the collective efforts of a combined group. Unlike horsepower, which generates force at a linear rate because each individual in the group is approximately equal, teampower produces force at a complex, non-linear rate because each individual member of the group — no matter if each member is a person, an organization of people, a machine, or a technology — contributes complimentary skill sets, abilities, passions, knowledge, and/or experience.

Sub-Categories of Teampower
  • ?️ Climate Change — Which teams and organizations are our greatest forces in the battle against climate change? What are the primary causes of our climate change challenges, conflicts, and hurdles?
  • ? Artificial Intelligence ⁠— What is artificial intelligence and how is it transforming the way that teams accomplish their goals? In what ways will AI affect the relationship between people and technology?
  • ? Telecommunications ⁠— In what ways are telecommunications used to generate enhanced results among a team? What is the current condition of society’s telecommunications network and how is it being improved?
  • ? Transportation — How have transportation networks resulted in heightened levels of teampower? What is the current condition of society’s transportation network and how is it being improved?
Part 3: ? Energetics
Definition of Energetics

? Energetics — Energetics is the study of energy generation, energy consumption, and energy storage. Because energy is among the most foundational building blocks of the universe, it’s critically important to understand its origins and how we can wisely harness its power to safely fuel mankind’s expansion with as minimal of a negative impact on Earth’s environment, ecosystem, and Ozone as possible.

Sub-Categories of Energetics
  • ☀️ Solar Energy Research — What are the boundaries & limitations of solar power? What is the projected future of solar power?
  • ? Geothermal Energy Research — What are the boundaries & limitations of geothermal power? What is the projected future of geothermal power?
  • ?️ Wind Turbine Energy Research — What are the boundaries & limitations of wind power? What is the projected future of wind power?
  • ? Tidal & Wave Energy Research — What are the boundaries & limitations of tidal & wave power? What is the projected future of tidal & wave power?
Part 4: ? Neurotechnology
Definition of Neurotechnology

? Neurotechnology — Neurotechnology is an industry crossroads between neuroscience & technology — or rather, between our creative, intuitive brains and the same speedy computing power of our cell phones, tablets, and computers. Utilizing both technological hardware to read and artificial intelligence to interpret billions of electrical stimuli in our brain per second, society has never been closer to the cusp of a more profoundly groundbreaking, awareness-enhancing breakthrough in the history of ever.

Sub-Categories of Neurotechnology
  • ⚕️ Medical Capabilities — How will neurotechnology affect the medical industry? What sort of diseases, disorders, and dystrophies does neurotechnology have the potential to cure?
  • ? Augmented Reality — What is augmented reality and how does neurotechnology play a role? How has & how will augmented reality enhance our lives?
  • ? NeuroCommunications — Will neurotechnology permit society to communicate with one another using our thoughts via cell towers & satellites? Will neurotechnology replace our cell phones?
  • ? NeuroEducation — How could neurotechnology influence the education industry? Will neurotechnology allow us share educational curriculums by directly downloading them to our consciousness?

Q2: What are the locations & timelines for the movie series production?

Continental Sailing Route

Our documented sailing route commences in Boston, Massachusetts in January 2020; and concludes in Anchorage, Alaska in April 2021. However, this timeline may fluctuate, depending on the speed at which we successfully raise the necessary funds for our journey.

Upon beginning our expedition in the Northeastern United States, we’ll travel south through the intercostal waterways along the United States’ Eastern seaboard, around the Gulf coast, across Central America through the Panama Canal, and up the entire Western seaboard of North America, in the following chronological order:

  • Massachusetts
  • Rhode Island
  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Delaware
  • Maryland
  • Washington D.C.
  • Virginia
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Georgia
  • Florida
  • Alabama
  • Mississippi
  • Louisiana
  • Texas
  • Mexico
  • Belize
  • Honduras
  • Nicaragua
  • Costa Rica
  • Panama
  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala
  • Mexico
  • California
  • Arizona (By Vehicle)
  • Colorado (By Vehicle)
  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • Canada
  • Alaska

Content Production Timeline

Our content production timeline is on a weekly basis. For (16) months, from January 2020 through April 2021, we’ll be producing one 5-15 minute video feature per week, which will be released to our YouTube audience each Tuesday of every week to gather viewer feedback about quality of coverage, length of features, and interest of content.

By following this weekly production schedule, we will produce a total of (64) 5-15 minute video features.

Each of the individual (64) video features will fall into one of the (4) sub-categories of Sustainability, one of the (4) sub-categories of Teampower, one of the (4) sub-categories of Energetics, or one of the (4) sub-categories of Neurotechnology.

At the end of April 2021, after all (64) video features have been individually produced & released on YouTube for the previous (16) months, we’ll immediately reorganize & reformat all of our original content into (4) full-length, 2-hour movies. This reformatting process will require (2) months to complete: May & June.

On June 30th, 2021, we’ll be releasing all four parts of the Now or Never: 2020s movie series on Netflix, Hulu, Google Play, iTunes Video, and Amazon Prime Video.

Q3: Why should I contribute to this cause?

Right now, with less than six months before the dawn of the new decade, society is presented with the freedom of choice to either embark or disembark on more deeply researching Sustainability, Teampower, Energetics, and Neurotechnology.

Whether you can count using your fingers how many years you’ve been alive, or you have more wrinkles than an elephant, the extent to which these decisions could positively influence your life, and the lives of your multi-generational descendants, is staggering.

However, much like a presidential election, before any decisions are made, it would be wise for the general public to become educated about the benefits versus liabilities of each of the options by using only factual content and reliable sources.

Therefore, as the Executive Director of this not-for-profit organization – The Zernach Foundation© – and this 4-part movie series – Now or Never: 2020s™ – my goal is to proactively lead a talented team of people who will collaboratively and creatively produce an exciting, enlightening, and educational 4-part movie series that takes place throughout the North American Continent via sailboat!

Q4: Where else can The @Zernach Foundation found online?

If interested, be sure to stay up to date with a “follow” or a “like” online!

Q5: Which types of professional people will be featured in the films?

The content within the four movies will include dialogue with credentialed professionals – some of whom will travel to us somewhere along our journey, a few of whom will videoconference with us, and many of whom will live along our sailing route.

The type of professional people who will be featured in these films will include, but will not be limited to:

  • City Planners
  • Architects
  • Construction Managers
  • Corporate Executives
  • Geologists
  • Energy Engineers
  • Biologists
  • University Professors
  • Non-Profit Directors
  • Civil/Electrical/Mechanical Engineers
  • Neurosurgeons
  • Futurists
  • Computer Scientists
  • Government Representatives
  • Military Officials
  • Lead Researchers
  • Historians
  • Movie Directors
  • Public Speakers

Until we have successfully raised the funding for the 4-part production, Roxanne Meadows, Andy Stanley, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Elon Musk have not yet been requested of their time, unless you consider this crowdfunding proposal to be a request. These four people are legends; they’re heroes to me. It would be an honor to work alongside them on this project, as well as on other projects in the future, because they are among the pioneers, leaders, and visionaries of the modern world.

Q6: What is the itemized, proposed budget for the movie series?

Overview of 1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣ Production Expense Categories

1️⃣ Organizational Infrastructure

$174,000, 35%

This is a category of one-time production expenses that can be used throughout all (4) parts of the movie series; high, up-front cost for a long, lengthy return.

2️⃣ Recurring Overhead Expenses

$164,000, 33%

These are our production operation’s daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly expenses; the type that will sustain our project and our journey.

3️⃣ Production Staff Payroll

$162,000, 32%

It requires a gargantuan amount of people’s time to plan, film, edit, advertise, and to produce a movie series that is professional enough to reach the masses and have an impact on the world.

The Details of 1️⃣ Organizational Infrastructure

  • >50ft. Catamaran (Used) – Catamarans are essentially a cross between a sailboat and a yachtlike pontoon boat; they’re like an extremely gas-efficient (due to the sails), aquatic, mobile, tiny home. Because the primary structure of a catamaran rests upon double-hulled pontoons, they have an extraordinarily shallow amount of hull beneath the surface, which allows them to travel in shallow waters and makes them safe and comfortable for long-term travel.
  • Contribution Gratitude Promotional Items – 10% of the total budget goes back to the people who financially contribute to our campaign. Thank you for making this possible. Please see Q7: What are the contribution incentives? section for more information about how this expense will be allocated (i.e.: thousands of t-shirts, vehicle/refrigerator magnets, travel expenses, etc.).
  • TESLA Powerwall 2 Battery for Sailboat – These are among the highest capacity batteries on the market. Most of our travelling time will be spent off-grid on the sailboat. To ensure that content can still be created during those times, we’ll need a mega battery to store the renewable energy that’s generated from the solar panels and wind turbine, so we can keep our laptops, phones, and other technologies powered.
  • Custom Shelving for Catamaran Sailboat – Because the catamaran is similar to a tiny home in which we’ll be living long-term, we want to ensure that every square inch is efficiently utilized for storage of video/tech products, food, tools, equipment, clothing, etc.
  • Custom Exterior Paint Job for Sailboat – Aside from the millions of viewers who will see the 4-part movie series, there will be a tremendous amount of people who will see our boat. By branding our sailboat with the movie series, the topics of the movie series, and the website information, our production’s legitimacy & credibility is instantly heightened. It tells people that we aren’t just sailing for fun: we have a mission and a vision to accomplish.
  • Furniture & Mini Appliances for Sailboat – Living on a boat is fun for a few weeks, but it can quickly get tight & uncomfortable. This expense is to reduce discomfort, especially considering we’ll be inviting our video interviewees aboard the boat for boatcooked-meals and filmed discussions.
  • Custom Now or Never Sails – If we’re painting the boat with our organization’s trademarks, then we might as well get the sails done, too! This sort of expense is similar to a company having their company vehicle or trailer wrapped in vinyl graphic design.
  • Eyeglass Cameras – Have you ever seen something and wished you had it video-recorded on your phone? Who hasn’t? Also, by having multiple pairs, it’ll be a really cool way to get several first-person perspectives on a scene!
  • Phantom 4K DJI Drone – Drones have revolutionized the film industry. We’re excited for the chance to share this type of jaw-dropping video footage with the world, especially in the most up-to-date video quality.
  • iPhone Xs/XR – Our organization supports Apple and their seemless product experience when equipped with iPhone, MacBook, iPad, AirPods, and Watches.
  • MacBook Pro – We’ll need the most powerful edition on the market to efficiently, quickly process extremely large quantities of ultra high-quality video files.
  • Embroidered & Screenprinted Uniforms – This is a long-term journey that’ll be scorching hot, freezing cold, unbelievably wet, and anything in between! We ought to be prepared for it all. 100% of the wardrobes aboard the boat will be branded with our organization’s trademarks.
  • SCUBA Gear Purchase – Ryan is an internationally-certified SCUBA diver. For the Marine Environment sub-category of Sustainability, he’ll need to go diving on numerous occasions. Dusty will be earning his certification online via Amazon, here.
  • iPad Pro – In the graphic design & videography industries, there are simply certain digital tasks that are easier and faster to complete on a tablet, versus a handheld phone or laptop.
  • GoPro 7 Hero plus Accessories – For over a decade, GoPros have proven to be ultra reliable, durable, waterproof, and compact. They can be trusted to dependably provide smooth, crystal-clear footage. For an awesome video experience for our audience, we’ll have (4) GoPros to be able to simultaneously record multiple perspectives of the same scene, or to simultaneously record two entirely different scenes. We’ll be capturing hundreds of timelapse videos, so having more than one camera is what will allow us to invite our audience to join our journey.
  • Wind Turbine for Sailboat – Some days are overcast, and nights are never sunny. To reduce the amount that we rely on our fossil fuel engine, we want to generate as much renewable energy as possible.
  • Satellite Internet Hotspot Receiver – It’s critically important to have internet access, everywhere! In addition to navigation and weather access, we’ll be remotely completely our edited feature projects and office work from the catamaran.
  • Apple AirPods – These will function as wireless microphones for our interviews & filming scenes. One pair per iPhone to be able to wirelessly record from multiple sources.
  • Saline Water Purifier for Sailboat – Running out of fresh water can be deadly. History has told us that over the past several centuries. Fortunately, fancy desalination water purifiers have been invented to prevent that from happening.
  • Marine GPS Navigational Device – Even though we’ll have satellite internet aboard the catamaran, it will not always be reliable. During these times, we need to remain safe with a Marine GPS Navigational Device: it could be the difference between life & death.
  • Upgraded Solar Panel for Charging – Solar energy will be generated aboard the catamaran to keep our Powerwall charged, and thereby to keep our technology charged.

The Details of 2️⃣ Recurring Overhead Expenses

  • Online Advertising & Promotions – 30% of this budget allocation will be used to promote our YouTube channel on Facebook & LinkedIn after we’ve uploaded the first dozen original videos. At the end of June 2021, the remaining 70% will be used to advertise on YouTube for the release of the movie series on Netflix, Hulu, Google, Play, iTunes Video, and Amazon Prime Video.
  • International Health Insurance – Long-term traveling is more medically risky than “rooted” living. Diseases and accidents can be scary and unexpected, but having international health insurance will relieve the stresses of the unexpected.
  • Sailboat Insurance – Let’s stay legal & safe. If something happened to our boat halfway through, we’d be doomed without insurance.
  • Monthly Groceries & Supplies – In addition to feeding the production staff, we’d like to cook breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for our volunteers & interviewees aboard the catamaran at the different ports where it’ll be docked.
  • Weeks at Port (Liveaboard Sailboat) – Throughout this entire production, we’ll be ported or anchored more frequently than we’ll be sailing. We need a place to access the city and to keep the boat safe during storms.
  • Filming/Production Insurance – This insurance coverage will replace our expensive camera gear & filming equipment if anything were to happen to it.
  • Uber/Lyft/Taxi for Filming Locations – Although some of our filming locations will be on the coastline, most of our filming locations will bring us at least a couple miles inland. Also, we’ll need to occasionally resupply at the local grocery stores, hardware stores, and supermarkets for production purposes. Over the course of a year, we’ll require several hundred taxi rides: Uber/Lyft where possible.
  • Roundtrip Continental Flights – There will be times when it would be best for the organization to pay for the travel expenses of a special guest star who we’d like to join us on film.
  • Organization’s Monthly Verizon Bill – Verizon’s network is supported nearly everywhere we’ll be! Thank you for having the highest reliability of any other cellular network.
  • Gallons of Gasoline (for when not sailing) – As much as we’d like to have a net-zero carbon footprint, we’ll occasionally need to use the gas-powered engine… unless TESLA sponsors us with a new electric-engine! All-electric yachts cost millions.
  • Monthly Sailboat Repairs & Maintenance – Oil changes, spark plugs, new lines/ropes and cables, etc. This expense will be reserved for both expected sailboat maintenance and unexpected replacement sailboat products.
  • Cloud Storage & App Subscriptions – This expense will be used to pay for cloud-based storage for our digital files on Google Drive and Apple iCloud; for subscription-based video editing software/apps on the Apple App Store; for Microsoft Office 365;‘s mailer services; and‘s form development subscription for our website.
  • Passport Reinstatement Fees – We need to ensure that our travelers’ passports are legal and updated, which will take several months to complete. Fortunately, there will be plenty of time because we won’t be crossing international lines until we reach the Texas/Mexico border.
  • 501(C)(3) Incorporation Fee – This is the very first expense that will be made with the funds that are raised for this cause. The approval of our organization’s non-profit bylaws and articles of incorporation will take the State a month or two. The formation of the non-profit organization is crucial, and will be completed by contracting LegalZoom.

The Details of 3️⃣ Production Staff Payroll

  • Lead Producer (Full-Time) – This position has been filled by Ryan Zernach. As the founder of The Zernach Foundation and the author of this campaign, he is the organization’s only employee, but there are others who will be contracted by the organization (details below). Ryan has already been working full-time hours on this project for several months thus far, and after funding is fulfilled, he will be able to work more than full-time hours. He’s always been sort of a workaholic, but unpaid work doesn’t pay the bills. Upon successfully acquiring funding, his responsibilities will include, but will not be limited to: *Ensuring wise, responsible, and honest allocation of expenses, and providing public monthly financial updates, including bank statements, because we operate as a non-profit organization, *Researching the people and the organizations along our route who can provide the most insightfully dense content for our audience, *Politely guiding the filmed discussions by asking the questions that will prompt the most descriptive, illustrative responses from the people/organizations who meet with us, *Responsible for leading the rest of the team to produce high-quality final products for our audience, *Managing Social Media accounts, YouTube uploads, and graphic designs
  • Filming Contractor (Part-Time) – This position has been filled by Blythe Kelly (Ryan’s first cousin, who has worked in the Audio/Video (AV) industry for years), who will assume the responsibilities of the primary filming team member. Additionally, our primary filming team member will be responsible for scheduling meetings and/or meals with the people and the organizations who are deemed suitably appropriate to provide valuable content to our project.
  • Editing Contractor (Part-Time) – Beginning in January 2020 (exact timing depends on when we reach our fundraising goal), this role will be filled by Tom Morgan and Chris Hooper, who will be alternately, remotely contracted by The Zernach Foundation to assist with editing & clipping together video content. All raw video footage will be uploaded by either the primary production team member or the primary filming team member to the cloud, where it can be privately and remotely downloaded by our editor, and then reformatted into presentations that match the brand and the educational communication style of our organization. The primary editor and the primary production team member will be in close contact with one another to ensure that our video products remain consistent with our organization’s mission & vision.
  • Digital Animations & Audio FX Contractor (Part-Time) – Beginning in January 2020 (exact timing depends on when we reach our fundraising goal), this role will be filled by Christoph Schinko and Toco Larson, who will be alternately, remotely contracted by The Zernach Foundation to assist with producing a custom, state-of-the-art, visually-compelling, branded opening sequence of video/audio effects to be used for both the YouTube videos and the movie series. More importantly, they will also be contracted to assist with creating brief informational animations to more clearly convey the knowledge and information that’s being taught via our videos.
  • Web Development Service Provider – Beginning in January 2020 (exact timing depends on when we reach our fundraising goal), this role will be filled by Consagous, based in Florida, who will be remotely contracted by The Zernach Foundation to assist with making some upgrades to the site, such as interactive tools, search engine optimization (SEO), and custom JavaScript that’ll leave a more memorable impact on our site’s viewers & followers.
  • App Development & Maintenance Contractor – Beginning in January 2020 (exact timing depends on when we reach our fundraising goal), this role will be filled by Consagous, based in Florida, who will be remotely contracted by The Zernach Foundation to assist with creating a Now Or Never: 2020s app for both Apple Appstore & Google Playstore.
  • Accounting & Tax Preparations – This position is filled by Mrs. Hortense Oros, with GP&H Financials, based in Lawrenceville, Georgia, will be remotely performing these responsibilities. To remain on good terms with the United States’ IRS, we need to ensure that our expenses are organized, our deductions are accurate, and our tax documentations are filed.

Q7: What are the contribution incentives?

Q8: How will the contributions get to the ultimate beneficiaries?

The ultimate beneficiaries of this campaign are The Zernach Foundation & The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, both of which organizations will receive 50% of all contributions (after the 3% credit card processing fee has been deducted via GoFundMe).

50% to The Zernach Foundation

Because the GoFundMe platform allows for custom withdrawal amounts from GoFundMe’s holding account to which people contribute, the first $300 of contributions will be used to file for the establishment of a new not-for-profit organization with the Secretary of State via LegalZoom, as itemized in the Organizational Infrastructure category of production expenses. Once the Articles of Incorporation and non-profit bylaws have been approved by The State of Florida, a Federal Employer Identification Number will be granted, which will be used to open the organization’s checking account & savings account with JP Morgan Chase Bank.

Unfortunately, the organization’s approval process will most likely take a month or two. However, because there is so much work to do as the rate of contributions generates velocity, a personal GoBank account, that’s in Ryan Zernach’s name, will be used as a temporary expense account until the organization has been officially approved by the State of Florida. Once the non-profit bank account has been created, our organization’s accountant, Mrs. Hortense Oros with GP&H Financials, will then transfer all deposits, expenses, and transactions from the temporary GoBank account onto the transaction records for the organization’s new non-profit bank account.

The founder of The Zernach Foundation (Ryan M. Zernach) will be responsible for ensuring wise, responsible, and honest allocation of expenses; and for providing public, quarterly, financial updates – including bank statements from the organization’s bank account – because we operate under non-profit organization bylaws.

50% to Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

Fifty percent of all contributions will go to The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, or “LDF,” as a form of “voluntary carbon tax” to off-set the carbon footprint of the production of this movie series. LDF will be trusted to wisely dispense the funds to protect the wellbeing of all Earth’s inhabitants. Here is an encompassing quote from their website to describe the type of projects that are funded by LDF:

“The diverse range of projects supported by LDF – from efforts to create and expand protected areas on land and in our oceans, to supporting grassroots and indigenous organizations working to secure important environmental protections and implement sustainable solutions at the local level – is a direct reflection of the array of efforts that are needed to turn the tide. LDF believes that we can create a world where both nature and humanity coexist in harmony. Not only do we believe this can be done, we know it must be done in order to ensure the long-term survival of vital species and ecosystems.”

~About The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

Q9: What is the background of the organization’s founder?

The Zernach Foundation was founded by Ryan Zernach, who is uniquely equipped to manage the production of a high-quality, educational, professional movie series (and yes, as the author, I’m writing about myself in the third person). He is from Atlanta, Georgia, where he has been self-employed for the past four years by founding an outdoor contracting company and a professional Christmas lighting company in 2015, and personally designing every square inch of both of the company websites, digital graphics, social media content, promotional videos, data collection platforms, pricing strategies, visual sales presentations, invoicing processes, training guides, and project management procedures. Over half a million in gross sales throughout the first three years of leading his companies’ team members through both the good times and the bad were turbulent – filled both with many successes and with many opportunities to grow. Would you like to learn more about his professional experiences, marketable skills, volunteer roles, and background traits?

After building his businesses in Atlanta for nearly four years, he had an estate sale, and traveled for the summer, which allowed him to gather his thoughts and recalibrate the trajectory of his life and his career. On the other hand, in his personal time, he’s always been the geek with the GoPros and nearly any accessory you can imagine. Having been raised on exploring new places, appreciating diverse cultures, and touring historical landmarks, his cameras have joined him for all sorts of exciting activities and events: water skiing, snow skiing, jet skiing, SCUBA diving, kayaking, paddle boarding, surfing, snorkeling, sailing, zip lining, horseback riding, and several weddings!

Q10: Which companies & organizations will be featured throughout the movie series?

In total, we have (64) participation positions available to organizations & corporations that could collaborate with our production team to create educational, credible, future-focused content to at least one of the (16) sub-categories of our movie series:

In total, we have (64) participation positions available to organizations & corporations that could collaborate with our production team to create educational, credible, future-focused content to at least one of the (16) sub-categories of our movie series.

As of the writing of this content, because we have not yet raised the necessary funding for this movie series, we have not yet officially requested any companies/organizations to participate. However, here are several examples out of (64) brands, who are shaping the future of our planet, and with whom it would truly be a pleasure to partner together on this project:

♦️ SpaceX 
♦️ The Boring Company 
♦️ The Venus Project 
♦️ Neuralink 
♦️ The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation 
♦️ North Point Ministries 
♦️ Amazon 
♦️ Apple 
♦️ Google 
♦️ Solar City 
♦️ Verizon Wireless 
♦️ GoPro 
♦️ Florida Solar Energy Center 
♦️ The Climate Institute 
♦️ Home Depot 
♦️ Contour Crafting 
♦️ NASA (National Aeronautics & Space Administration)
♦️ NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration)

Gratefully, respectfully, and professionally,

The Zernach Foundation 
Ryan M. Zernach

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