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Q: What is energetics?

Energetics is the study of energy generation, energy consumption, and energy storage. Because energy is among the most foundational building blocks of the universe, it’s critically important to understand its origins and how we can wisely harness its power to safely fuel mankind’s expansion with as minimal of a negative impact on Earth’s environment, ecosystem, and Ozone as possible.

Posts About Energetics

  • July 2, 2020 Written By: Caitlin Cosper This is the fourth part in a SaveOnEnergy series discussing the ins and outs of different forms of renewable energy. Come back next week for part five. Wind, solar, and water are all forces of nature that can provide renewable energy, but did you know we can also draw […]
  • BOEM is responsible for offshore renewable energy development in Federal waters. The program began in 2009, when the Department of the Interior (DOI) announced the final regulations for the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Renewable Energy Program, which was authorized by the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct). These regulations provide a framework for all of […]
  • The wind drought that plagued investors in 2018 and 2019 is likely over, but that’s only one of the factors to consider. Written By: Maxx Chatsko(TMFBlacknGold)Feb 5, 2020 Renewable energy is poised for a decade of epic growth. Utility-scale solar and onshore wind continue to smash through most forecasts from previous years. If favorable economics […]
  • Originally Published on Futurism by Victor Tangermann Solar U.S.A. Elon Musk is talking, again, about his idea to turn 10,000 square miles in the U.S. desert into a solar farm that can power the entire nation. In a Saturday Twitter reply to an article by Treehugger about Bill Gates questioning the efficiency of solar power, Musk fired back that “all you […]
  • By: Ira Evangelista (re-posted with his permission)September 27th, 2019 · 5 min read Exploratory Analysis: the news is good. Aside from three out of the nineteen years observed in the data that I used for this project, there has consistently been an increase in the installation of solar energy systems across the United States. At first glance, it […]
  • What is tidal power? What are tidal barrages, tidal turbines, and tidal fences? Tidal Power The gravitational pull of the moon and sun along with the rotation of the earth cause the tides. In some places, tides cause water levels near the shore to vary up to 40 feet. People in Europe harnessed this movement […]
  • YouTube Video Video Description Buying a Model 3, S or X? Get free Supercharging with our referral. http://ts.la/pedram1618 Shop Tesla inspired gear on https://www.liketeslakim.com/boutique Patreon supporters get bonus content and free merch. https://www.patreon.com/LikeTesla $10 off any order over $100 on EVANNEX use code “elonbucks” https://evannex.com 15% off Tesla Accessories from Abstract Ocean! http://www.abstractocean.com?aff=Like… $100 off […]
  • YouTube Video Video Description Dandelion is helping people save money by switching to geothermal energy for their heating and cooling. At first, I was confused by this but by the end of the interview completely amazed at how game-changing this can be. Learn more about Dandelion at https://dandelionenergy.com/?utm_sour… New Video! “Tesla Sales Set ALL-TIME High […]
  • YouTube Video Video Description SolarWindow Technologies is a company gearing up to produce electricity generating windows. They have some pretty impressive technology and promise to change the world. Come with me as I get to know this company and what a solar window is all about. Please help support my channel! Here are a few […]
  • YouTube Video Video Description Under your bed, in the attic even on your mobile phone, it seems there’s never enough storage. It turns out it’s also true of energy, particularly on sustainable energy. Learn more about Total’s commitment to better energy : ► https://www.cnbc.com/advertorial/bett… Ahead on the program : Batteries, they put power in your […]

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